Hospital Diaries- Day 3

3 days down, 11 to go. Today I got my blood drawn for Toby levels at 6 in the morning. It like people here are vampires. I got around 5 hours of sleep which is a little better than yesterday, but still not much. It was hard to get comfortable because i was hooked up to fluids all night and was npo which means I cant eat or drink anything.

Last night I took a walk around the lobby with my sister and Dad since we were really bored. I was hooked up to ivs during this time so it was interesting walking round with an iv pole. My I.V was causing me a lot of pain in my hand so my nurse slowed down the pump from 100ml/hr to 75ml/hr. It did help, but sadly I had to get a new I.V at 10:30.

The person who put my iv in put a smaller needle in since I just needed it for fluids that night and then for the Anastasia.

I woke up this morning at 6 from having to get my blood drawn and couldn’t fall back to seep. I was just laying in my bed relaxing. My nurse told me I was going to be getting a picc that morning, so at 8:30 am I went down to get a picc. I got the loopy stuff that made me relaxed and got my picc. Yayy!

After I got my picc I did my first vest at 11. Sometime after that I got lunch and pt came in. Now im just typing this bored. Ive been typing earlier for my blog because I get bored so the next day I can just put some stuff I did the previous night. I might do some school, but I kind of feel crappy so Im not sure, plus its math so blah.

So far ive re watched almost up to season 4 in the office. Thats how bored ive been. Its funny because my nurses will come in and be like oh I love that show and I can agree.

I also got a new “bracelet” that you get when your admitted. It shows your first and last name, your birthday and a few other stuff that I dont really know what it is. But anyway its usually really big on me since my wrists are so small, but the person who put it on me tightened it a lot so it actually fits now and doesn’t fall off.

I dont have anything else to say really besides talking about how bored I am. I did figure out a good hospital hack. I got a small basket from the dollar area in target and out it on my side table next to my bed here. Its good to keep headphones and my colored pencils and other random stuff, it also makes your stuff look decorative.

Thats all for now,

Peace,Love, and Unicorns, bye

(i dont know about you but I really need an idea for what to put at the end of my posts besides just bye so im going to try some different ideas out)

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