What is CF? Cystic Fibrosis 30 day challenge

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic Fibrosis, or more known as CF, is a chronic disease that affects mainly the lungs and pancreas, but also affects the rest of the body as well.

CF is genetic disease, so it is not contagious. Both parents have to be a carrier of the gene, for you to be able to have it.

The gene causes a mutation in the body which then causes Cf.

Cf is when the mutation causes a lack of salt and water in the cells, which the leads to sticky, thicker mucus to build up in the lungs and pancreas. The mucus build up leads to frequent lung infections due to the germs to build up and stay in the lungs until treatment.

People with cf are pancreatic insufficient meaning their bodies produce little to none enzymes. Enzymes is what breaks downs food, especially fattier food. Without taking manmade enzymes it can cause frequent stomach aces, bowel problems, and other symptoms. Due to the insufficiency, people with it cannot gain weight easily, a lot of patients end up needing a feeding tube to help them get the food they need. A lot of people also have no appetite so that doesn’t help anything.

Other problems in the bodies occur. Heart issues, joint problems,acid reflux, osteoporosis, sinus infections, sinus problems, clubbed fingers sometimes due to some people who have low oxygen levels, fatigue, nutrition problems, and more.

I have to take lots of pills a day including, vitamin D, enzymes, calcium pills, sinus stuff, anti acid, miralax, sleeping medicine, probiotics, and other stuff.

Having to try different oral antibiotics for lung infections and sometimes getting admitted in the hospital for a couple of weeks for iv antibiotics If oral ones don’t work.

This straw challenge is a way to spread awareness. Basically you take a straw and breathe through it for a minute and it’s supposed to replicate what breathing is like for people with Cf. I’ve tried it (only for 10ish seconds due to already existing problems) and it is not exact but gives people and idea.

I’m saying this because it’s a good way to spread awareness for Cf.

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