All about the genes

All About the Genes

There is 23 pairs of chromosomes in your body that each have thousands of genes. Each gene has a role on how your body functions. The role of each gene is discovered by the individual DNA. DNA is made up of building blocks called bases. These bases each have a specific order, but when the order is wrong, it causes the genes to not work properly.

A structural gene change can cause diseases or defects in the body called a mutation. Genes come in pairs, one pair from each parent. With CF, both parents have to be carriers of the CF gene. Both genes have to have the mutation for it. Everyone inherits two copies of CFTR gene, but only some are mutations.

The CFTR gene is a protein that functions as a chloride channel. A chloride channel is what evens out the levels of salt and water in the cells. This causes the dehydration’s of the secretions, which is the mucus, and loss of salt in sweat.

To have CF both parents must be a carrier of the CF gene. Even with both parents being a carrier there is only a one of fourth chance that the child will actually have the disease.

There is a 50% chance of the child to be a carrier. A 25% chance of the child having CF. And a 25% chance of the child to not be affected at all.

So all in all, CF is basiclly where there is a lack of salt and water in the cells due to the CFTR gene and that leads to thicker mucus because of the dehydration in the cells. It also causes people with CF to get dehydrated easily.

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