Medicine/ I.V Antibitoics

So Ive been in the hospital a few times now and been on antibiotics.

When im admitted im admitted to go onto antibiotics which I get through a picc. A picc or picc line which is like a i.v but goes in the upper arm and a small, thin tube that goes to the heart area. The antibiotics go in just like through and i.v.

I either go in the hospital for two weeks and then after those two weeks I get the picc out and go home, or I stay for one week and go on antibiotics at home for two weeks and a home nurse comes an changes the dressing of my picc and then when im done with antibiotics the nurse comes to my house and takes my picc out.

When they take it out since it sutcherd down(sutchers and like stitches but a little thicker) they cut the sutchers and then pull the tube out.

So medications.

If you have read my blog for awhile you know im on a decent amount of medication. Im not going to put everything that im on, but more the basics.

I have to take enzymes everytime i eat. This is because of the mucus that clogs my panrease and the cftr gene that my body doesnt produce enzymes or enough enzymes. I also take stuff for my nausea, calcium, vitiman d, and other vitimans.

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