Traveling with a chronic illness

So ya we all have the annoyances of packing. It’s an annoying process and you end up forgetting at least one thing every time. Now with an illness it gets like that too. There is many things I have to pack and it gets quite bothersome.

I have to pack a vest, inhalers, medications, nebulizers, and so on. When I travel on a plane I have to pack the vest as carryon since people aren’t the nicest with luggage and couldn’t care about what’s inside it.

You have a vase in there? We don’t care. *chucks it at the conveyer belt*

Oh you have an ancient million dollar ceramic thing? Let me just “gently” toss it on the plane.

Ya get the point. So it’s an extra bag to have to pack and bring with you on the plane. You also have to make sure you pack enough medication for where your going because guess what, if you forget a important medicine, there ain’t nothing you can do about it because your many states away.

I have to wear a mask on the plane and in the airport, which is annoying enough when your at the hospital. People always look at you or something and I’m like yes it’s a mask and it’s not going anywhere. It’s not like you staring at it is going to make it disappear.

So ya it is a struggle.

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