Feeding tube awareness

So no I don’t have a feeding tube of any kind, but my sister does so I know more than most people, plus with my on going weight issues I have to consider if it’s a good idea for me to get a feeding tube.

There are multiple kind of feeding tube. There’s an nj tube which is inserted into the nose down to the stomach area.

There is a g tube, and a g-gay-tube which are both buttons on the abdomen stomach area that can open and be hooked up to tubes for feeding. The difference is that they are in different parts of the stomach. Both are put in surgically, so you are asleep during the procedure.

Depending on what disease you have, you might have to be on constant feeds, or just nightly feeds. It also might determine what kind of feeding tube you have.

My sister has a gtube, and has nightly feeds. She to has cf and it has helped her a lot and has helped her gain weight.

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