Cf is a pain, we all know that, but there are some things to help. Here is a list of hack for people with cf or possibly any chronic illness.

Buy picc line shower covers from amazon instead of using press and seal.

cut the foot part off of socks to make a diy picc cover. Yes you can buy covers for piccs, but this is a much more affordable way, plus then you can have a variety of different picc covers. I have one that I like to call “the fancy one” and it was a decent price, but works well especially when exercising. It has a hole that you put the tube through so you don’t have to take the cover off every time you have to be hooked up to ivs. Here’s the link…


Bring your own vest to the hospital. (Mine doesn’t provide the one I have so when I’m admitted I bring my own since it’s more comfortable)

When admitted have noise blocking headphones. I borrow my dads Bose headphones when I’m admitted and listen to a noise app during the night. It helps cut out noises and machines.

Have a pill container for am and pm. I used to have a pill container that was just one column, but I soon found out that having one with two is much easier. It made it a lot easier, especially to differentiate the pills I take in the morning to the ones I take at night.

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