Stupid Things That Happen/Happened in School

School. What a joy.

So obviously we’ve all been or are in school. I am going to be starting high school soon, so I’ve had some experience. There are a lot more confusing things other than just the school work.

We all have some weird experiences in our time in school. For instance, when I was in elementary school, around 4th grade, there was a lockdown. It wasn’t a very serious lockdown just one where you had to lock the door and stay in your classroom. We could continue our lessons, but couldn’t leave the room. Of course telling a bunch of kids that there is a lock down because of an animal in the school isn’t the best way to address the news, but that’s what they did. After that we just couldn’t settle down. We were all talking and being rambunctious. Finally are teacher told us that someone had supposedly called the school saying that there was a tiger on the playground that had escaped from a nearby school. We all raced to the window yet to no avail there was nothing. I still wonder to this day who the heck would prank call a elementary school saying that.

This next story happened in 6th grade. I was in tech apps and the power went out. Now throughout the whole day the lights would suddenly flicker on and off and then everything would go back to normal. People kept telling me oh I hope the power will go out, but I was confused. I didn’t understand why people would hope that. When the power decided to give up we had to stop and not do anything, the reason people kept wanting the power to go out is because we don’t have to do anything the rest of the day. Unluckily for them it was half way through 5th hour. Luckily though our room had this massive window so we could all see perfectly fine. The rest of the day we just talked and went on our phones. Now this stories not over yet,this story continues through what happened to my sister. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the show because this’ll be a long one.

So, my school does this thing once every year in gym. They rent roller skates, yes I said it ROLLER SKATES. It was always the best time of the year in gym class. We wouldn’t have to change into gym clothes and could just hang out with our friends. So we would get to class sit down and go get our skates. Then we would all go to one side of the gym and put on our skates. Then they would split our huge class into two separate groups to take turns going around the gym. They would play music and everything.Now now now really pay attention because this is going to get interesting.

When the power went out my sisters class was roller skating. Everyone was told to sit down in their spots and basically slowly crawl to the bleachers. They did what they were told and proceeded to take off their skates. Luckily they didn’t need to change back into normal clothes since they didn’t change in the first place. So everywhere in the school is backup lights so you’ll be able to see when the power goes off. In this situation the lights didn’t work. That’s right ladies and gentlemen the. Lights. DIDNT. TURN. ON. Now doesn’t that just butter your croissant. The gym ceiling is tall and there is only like three tiny tiny windows, so it was almost pitch black in the room. So they just had to chill in the big room in the dark for and hour and a half. I was not there but that has to be hilarious.

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