How/Why I started my Blog

Before I had my blog I was just an everyday artist. I wanted to start a blog mainly focusing on art. I love to draw and paint and I wanted to show my art and progress with people. For awhile I wanted to have a way I could show my art to the world, but I can’t have social media, so anything like Instagram or Snapchat was off the table. I had looked up ways to spread your art and one suggestion was a blog.

Now I had no idea what I was doing, but my dad helped me by showing me WordPress. He had no idea how to actually make the blog, but helped me regardless.At first I didn’t know what to name my blog, but eventually one day I just thought, “oh the art unicorn” and went with it. At first it was difficult because I had no idea about anything remotely close to making a blog, but google and my dad helped and soon the art unicorn was created. It was difficult at first, but I got the hang of it.

As my blog progressed I added written posts to my blog instead of just my artwork. I mostly wrote about cf because it was easy to be able to tell my story and inform people about the disease. I still occasionally write about cf, but once I did the May challenge I covered mostly all different aspects of the disease.

I am glad I started my blog and do strongly reccomend it.


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