Hospital Diaries #1

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’m in the hospital. I was admitted for a lung infection.

I got to the hospital around 1ish and got my room number. Me and my sister are both admitted and our rooms are next to each other. I got a chest X-ray and pfts. My numbers are down to the low 70s around 73, which is five down from my last pfts.

I got my blood drawn, which went well and also got an iv put in. They had to try twice before they got it in. My veins don’t really like ivs that much. The first time she tried it burst and made my hand bruise and swell around the area. Then the one I have in now is in the side of my wrist.I’m planning on getting a picc tommrow hopefully. Because of this I need to be npo after midnight, which means I can’t eat or drink anything and I am out on fluids throughout the night and morning.

Right now I’m just chilling in my room and watching the first x men. I got pizza house, which I strongly recommend. I got Alfredo with chicken and garlic bread. My sister and I split it along with a Reese’s milkshake. It was delicious as always.


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