Hospital Diaries #2

I did not get good sleep to say the least. My IV ended up bursting at 12 last night and I had to wait and hour and a half to get a new one. What had happened was my nurse went to flush it before putting me on fluids, but then water and my blood went everywhere from my Iv so I needed a new one.

I was not able to stay asleep and was awake by 8:30. My nurse had called down to the surgical people for my picc and it was moved from 2:45 to 11, which is a big difference. the transport people came down 5 minutes later. I changed into a gown and headed down to the pre-op room. They too my vitals and I talked to the nurses and doctors and anesthesiologist. One of the nurses gave me the relaxing medication which makes me a little loopy. Then I went down to the or and schooed onto the operating table. They introduced me to everyone and hooked me up to heart monitors and a blood pressure cuff and stuff. Then they administer the anesthetic and I fell asleep.

The rest of the day I just relaxed.

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