Paris-Day #1

Today when we got in we got in a taxi and ended up being in traffic for an hour or so til we got to our apartment.When we got all settled I took a nap, we ate some croissants, some were filled with chocolate, and just chilled for a bit. I took a shower and stuff and we went out.We went to a restaurant and ate some dinner, then we just walked around for a bit and went into some shops. Brianna and I got a couple things for people. It was kind of awkward because people would start talking to us and we wouldn’t know what they were saying so we just stood there being like ok, acting like we knew what they were saying.Right now it’s around 9:40pm, I’m probably not going to be able to sleep for a little while.We’re having problems with using our medical equipment. The nebulizer wouldn’t work, it would just be a low hum and wouldn’t run enough to actually work properly. We’re planning on trying to find a different nebulizer to use. We didn’t even try to use our vests since they take up a lot more voltage and what not. So that’s fun. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain so we’re going to spend the day in the louve. I’ll try to take pictures wi5 my phone and upload them, but you’ll probably see more on a later date.

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