Paris Day #5

Today we did alot. For starters we went to park de butte chaumont. It was this really big park with an island that you could go to that had a structure on it.

Brianna found this one neighborhood that was very colorful so we went there. A decent amount of people were there and there was signs on the windows sayong to not take pictures of that spot. I took a couple pictures but nonw of the hoyses close up.

As we were walking to the notre dame to go up to the top there were a bunch of art stands. Brianna and I bought a lock from someone and of course locked it on one of the bridges.

Yesterday when we went to the notre dame we wanted to walk up to the top, but that area was closed, so today we did it. My dad got this app on his phone for tickets. When we walked up around a fourth of the way, there was a gift shop, I got this small card that said Paris on it. It was a very long walk. There was 422 steps just one way. Then we walked up more and saw the bell tower and, yet more stairs for a even higher view. Then keep in mind you had to walk down. So that was a good exercise. Brianna and I were very sslty after that. I need a shirt that says “Sweating salt is my superpower.”

After that we went and say by the sein and just chilled. Tonight were going to saclaqur or castle on the hill. Ill take pictures ans hopefully remember to upload them tomorrow. Were going to go and eat there and watch the sunset.

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