Paris Day 9

So today we went to Versailles. We rented a car for the day and drove around an hour til we reached it. Its a huge palace that has multiple buildings and gardens. First we walked around the main building. It took awhile to figure out where we were supposed to go. The wait to enter into it took around an hour. Luckily we have museum passes that let us go into places for “free”. We had to pay for the passes, but we dont have to pay to go into the other museums seperatlly. Once we were into the palace we walked around til we reached the hall of mirrors which was cool.


nce we, in my dads words “fooled around in there and stuff” we walked outside to the gardens. It was really pretty, but none of the fountains were on. We assume its because of a water shortage or something.


e got ice cream, which was delicious. Then we walked around to the individual buildings. I dont have any pictures of the seperate buildings, but once I get home ill upload some from my camera. Right now were slowly but surely driving back to the apartment. Were going around the arc de triumphe round about. The traffic is ridiculous here. After this trip ill hate stairs and round abouts/traffic even more. Today I walked around 10 miles. Which is the most I’ve walked this whole trip. My feet hurt and I plan on taking a long hot bath tomorrow.
Brianna and I plan on having a pitch perfect marathon on the plane. We leave Sunday by the way. There is all 3 of the movies on the tv on the plane and the plane ride is eight and a half hours long and then we have a delay in ohio. Then its an hour and ten minutes to michigan. Its weird to travel internationally because they serve snacks, the dinner, then breakfast. The food is okay, but that’s expected. I think last time I had a salad. It was also served with cheese and crackers, bread,butter, and some fruit. This post has gotten really random, but do I care? Not really, it just makes this post longer and gives me something to do in the car that doesnt require Wi-Fi. When we first were driving there was this man and he started hitting are car with his cane. Like we had no idea why he just started hitting it a couple times. Lol.
That’s all for now,

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