Paris Day 11

We went to a museum called musee la orangerie. It had a lot of monet artwork and information.

This is by monet. I didnt take any other pictures, and some things I couldn’t take pictures of. Afterwards we went and ate at a cafe. We took the metro back. I took some random pictures of brianna and I sitting in tgis spoon chairs.

I dont feel the beat and feel worse today, so we went back to the apartment. I plan on taking a nap or something.

These are the pictures from last night. The Eiffel tower had projections on it for Bastille day. They were practicing I’m guessing. Then we saw the tower sparkle. We bought a small eiffle tower that lights up also.

Tommorow is the day we go home. Yayy I’m ready to see my dog and sleep in my own bed.

Thats all for now,



      1. If you are able try to take the train to Giverny. It’s about 40 minutes from Paris and you will be able to see where Monet lived and painted. Have a great time✨

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      2. Sadly I am leaving tomorrow, but I am planning on coming back sometime Slater highschool so I’ll keep that in mind.

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