Why people with a chronic illness cant just push throuhg

I read this article on a website called the mighty called why people with a chronic illness cant simply push through. They wrote a great analogy about what its like to push through with a chronic illness.

It says “Its about like driving your car until it hits empty. I usually stop for gas when I hit the three quarter mark, just to be safe. I could wait until it lands on E, although that is risky.But even once your car is on empty, you usually have a certain amount of gas left. You can risk it and keep driving, but eventually your car will completely stop. When there is no more gas left, your car is not going anywhere no matter how many positive thoughts you have. For people with chronic illness, we tend to live our lives in the space between empty and completely out of gas. Some people learn their limits well enough to stop before they completely run dry, some of us will try to push through until we have literally nothing less.”

It is a great way to explain a limit for people with chronic illnesses. The more you push yourself the less you can do, and once you reach your limit it can take awhile for you to get back to where you originally started.

This can also be compared to the spoon theory where once you use all your spoons you start using them from the next day which lessons the amount you have. Especially on hard days, or when your sick, your energy can wear out faster. Like having an old car or a car that uses up more gas per mile. Your going to hit empty a lot faster than a different car and are going to have to take more time to fill it back up and do it more frequently.

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