Chronic Illness Cat

Today I will be talking about good old memes, because who doesn’t love some good memes.

If you haven’t heard of this you must not have a chronic illness, or Pinterest. It is the chronic illness cat which is a meme of a cat face.

You have the nothing last forever, except for chronic illness!

And you have this one. Which is very relatable. We’ll go through a drive through at Walgreens or go inside and sometimes they know us by face or voice.

As a cystic fibrosis person, I have issues with stairs, everything about them especially how they go upward, or downward, or involve anything with climbing.

Then the contemplation between wether or not you want your disease to control your life or you listening to your bodies needs.

Lastly, this one. I’m nauseas basiclly all the time for no reason. I mean there’s obviously a reason I just don’t know it.

That’s all for now,


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