Hospital Diaries #11

Today was a little more eventful than yesterday.

I took a shower. My respiratory therapist wasn’t the best and was an hour and a half late for my 8am treatment. She ended up showing up around 9:30, which was a bit ridiculous. I am most likely still getting discharged on Wednesday so I’m happy about that.

We took another leave on pass. We didn’t exactly leave the hospital, instead my dad brought my dog, Mya, up and we took her on a walk in a trail near the hospital. It was cool. She’s still young and she’s not the best mannered around other dogs and people, but she’s getting better at it. She didn’t bark and try to yank at them so that’s good.

My grandma and cousin came up and visited. My cousin got Brianna and I a large amount of smarties that will most likely last me a month or to considering I already had some.

At 12ish Vanessa came up and visited us. We went on a little walk in search for some Starbucks, but we weren’t successful. We did stop at the vending machines and get some chips.

I supposedly gained two pounds since yesterday, but I didn’t eat lunch and instead ate a load of smarties, so I think it’s just from all the sugar. I mean it’s not a bad thing I gained weight, I just think it’s not useful weight if that makes since.

I, of course, played sims. I’m working on a beach bungalow sort of thing with some items from the new patch update which are based on the Caribbean.

Last night we rented ready player one, which I now my favorite movie just above a quiet place. I highly recommend watching it. Plus for all you artists out there, the graphics are amazing.

I’m nervous to get a gtube. I would already be nervous to get a bronc even though I’ve had one before, but with the gtube I’m even more nervous. It’s like I’ve had 4 piccs before this one, but I’m still nervous before I got my 5th one.

I have a ct and pfts tomorrow, so that’s fun.

That’s all for now,


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