FAVORITE Movies and tv shows

Over my life I’ve watched many, MANY, movies. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Ready, player, one- A dystopian world turns to virtual reality. Seriously watch it, my description sucks.
  2. A quiet Place- A world where you have to be quiet or misters will get you.
  3. Infinity war- Avengers movie, if you haven’t watched all the other movies you probably won’t understand it.
  4. Tag- A group of friends who have played tag for over 30 years.
  5. Any marvel movie- What it sounds like.
  6. A dogs purpose- About how a dog can impact you. It’s really good but also a bit sad.
  7. Wonder- Based on the book. A boy with facial deformities dealing with school.
  8. Grow ups- A group of friends and their families go on vacation.
  9. Grown ups 2x The second one.
  10. Crazy Rich Asians- Funny movie about a famous Asian guy who’s marrying a girl who has no idea who he is.

Here are some tv shows that I mostly recommend

  1. Limitless- A really good show about an ordinary guy who suddenly works for the fbi. I recommend this because its funny.
  1. The office- You all know what this show is.
  2. Stranger things- You also probably know what this is.
  3. Arrested Development- A family dealing with family stuff. You just have to watch it to understand.
  4. Once apron a time- I watched a lot of the seasons, but it can start to get weird.

These are all good things to binge watch.

That’s all for now,


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