Hospital Diaries #1

I got admitted today for a lung infection. Brianna has the room I had last time and I have the room on the right of her. They are connected rooms because they are for isolation.

I unpacked and talked to nurses and doctors about medications. I got my blood drawn and went down for xrays. I got 2 of my chest and 2 of my abdomen.

Then came the time for iv. My veins suck from all the iv and blood draws. They had to poke me 3 times til they were able to get one that worked. They kept blowing and used a 24 gauge so I have to make sure that they flush it every 2 hours, but Im going to be npo tonight and hooked up to fluids, and hopefully get a picc tomorrow.

Im about to do respiratory therapy.

Thats all for now,



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