Lung Infections are BS

Didn’t I just go through this like a month ago?

The answer is yes, and this is why lung infections are BS.

The repetitiveness is ridiculous. Like seriously it’s maybe been just more than a month since my last admission? I don’t know, all of them sort of blend together into one flaming ball of garbage that I just want to put down the disposal.

Oh ya and anxiety? Well that can just go jump off a microwave.

I just started a new pediatricians since I’m still idk young? Though I feel like I’m older than 15. Hospital stays, handfuls of medications, and cracking joints, oh my!

Ya you could say I’m sleep deprived.

Started taking an oral antibiotic, though they never help, I think they have to do that rather than just send me straight to the hospital.

I’m coughing a lot more. When I’m sick it’s usually dry cough with the occasional wet coughs, but now it’s 50/50. I mean it’s not as bad as others, but it’s still a pain.

I have around 3 weeks of school left, then, freedom! I was hoping to stay out of the hospital til summer, but at this rate where I can’t walk to the couch from my kitchen without being breathless for 10 minutes is a bit ridiculous.

Algebra sucks btw. Who thought adding letters would be a good idea. Just 4 years ago x meant to multiply, where as now it’s ‘oh find what x means or something.’

Anyways, in summary my health sucks, lung infections are BS, and anxiety can go jump off a microwave.

Well thanks for listening to my ted talk,



  1. I don’t even know what to say. I do know they have to start with an oral antibiotic and then if that doesn’t work they go the next step.

    How many therapies are you doing?

    It really stinks feeling terrible.

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  2. That’s enough.

    Would you consider trying the Neti pot? I know it s a little gross but what isn’t.

    Half that shit gets cleared out of the nose before it gets to your lungs.

    I know this is a long shot – just something to think about, I would be happy to speak to your mom for maybe you make an appt in MN. I could give all the contact numbers and if money is a concern, that could be handled either through raising funds or what not.

    Mn life expectancy is 10 plus years longer than any other center. They are amazing. They have 600 cf patients where here in Boston they only have 100 – way less resources and money.

    I learned ten things I was doing wrong or rearranged the things I am doing and I am much more stable than I used to be. I was on the decline – and MN caught me. I don’t know obviously- but I travel back to MN 3 times a year now.

    I would move back but I have a really good job, house, in grad school, etc, and I like New England.

    612-386-1187 text or chat if you want. Or not. CF is super hard


  3. Also the IV protocols are different and better in MN. Boston’s were ineffective –
    As it sounds like Michigan’s is too. You should not be going back in.


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