Hospital Diaries #10-11

Yesterday I had pfts. My FEV1 was down from 93 to 79, and FVC was down from 84 to 72. My doctors and I think it’s hopefully because I had the bronc the previous day. I’m getting new pfts on monday or tuesday so well know by then whether or not it should be concerning.

I had my weekly labs taken and went down to PT. Luckily it’s not on weekends so I can just chill for a couple days now.

Today, Saturday, my Mom and Sister brought my dog up. I took a leave on pass from 1-4pm, so in between my 12 and 4 o’clock therapy. We walked around a garden that’s on campus and then drove to a store and got some gum and chocolate.

Now i’m writing this. I drew a little, working on a new mandala piece and played some minecraft. Probably going to go home tuesday or wednesday which I’m excited for.

That’s all for now,


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