Hospital Days #1

I went to my hospital around two today, just to get pfts. My doctor wasn’t on call so my mom spoke to the attending instead and made the decision to do the pulmonary test. Just in preparation, I packed a small bag and essentials just in case I was admitted.

My pfts were around the same. My FEV1 was around 80s and FVC the same. The respiratory therapist that did our PFTS called our main pulmonologist and we decided that after two antibiotics and steroids it was time to get admitted.

My sister, Mom, and I went to Michales and Cold-stone until we got a call that our rooms were ready.

We’re on a different wing so it’s much more quiet. Compared to our normal spot, there aren’t any crying babies and it’s more secluded so that’s a plus.

I’m hoping to get a picc line tommrow, NPO at midnight and I just got back fro X-rays.


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