Thank You!

Than you all so much for 60 FOLLOWERS. I can’t believe it. Less than a year ago I only has at most 10, I can’t believe it. So I’m going to give some tips for how to be successful with your blog, or something like that.

Be yourself.

Don’t upload posts based on what you think will get the most views or what’s remedy, you have to make sure you have a defined website defined by YOUR personality, not someone else’s.

Add tags.

When I started ending tags to post I got a lot more views and followers. It helps so when you search up a topic it can help you posts show up more depending on the topic or tags.


Follow people. What’s your interests or hobbies? Need some advice or help with your blog? Look it up. I know several bloggers I follow who are chronically ill, who help me, bloggers who are creative and make me smile. It’s good to have that there.

Like posts.

If you just look at peoples posts, it is good, but if you actually like the posts, like the post. I know when I first was starting out I didn’t even look at other blogs, but I soon started liking posts and following people and it helps to get more traffic on your site.

That’s all for now,

Bye and thank you!