Jupiter- Art Process

So, I did Venus or as I called her, Eros. Next up is Jupiter. This is random, mind you, but I started with sketches. Once I got the big picture, I could start on the final piece.

It was going good, not my best, but not my worst. The final product though, is where things got rough.

(Sorry for the bad quality)

I didn’t like it. The lineart was rough, the coloring even worse. So, I imported the pictures onto my computer and am going to use the sketch to draw it digitally. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon and post it!

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Tiger Studies

Obviously this is a little rough but that’s why we practice. I’ve drawn tigers before but recently I’ve been focusing on anatomy and such so it felt good to change it up.

Shout out to my Pinterest search history because I can’t draw animals without reference.