Gi Appointment+ Admission?

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So yesterday I had a doctors appointment for my nausea with a GI doctor. I had this guy, i forgot his name so lets call him Jeff, I met him when I was in the hospital admitted last time. Sorry to break it to ya Jeff, but I don’t like you.

Now that we have that established, let me continue. So in the beginning of the appointment. I got my vitals, weight, and height taken. I’m basically 5’3 which i’m happy about, and I lost 2 pounds from a week ago.

When I met with him, he was talking about doing CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, to “manage my symptoms.” Neither my mom nor I understood how that would have helped, but he seemed pretty sure of himself, saying that it was the thing that helped the best. One, i’m already in therapy, two, HOW would that help, like huh?!

Anyways he brought in his attending since he was a resident. I don’t have anything wrong with resident doctors, I’ve met too many to count, but this guy seemed like he had no idea what he was doing. I’ve met better interns.

The attending was much better. He understood that I am at a low weight and how dangerous that can be with cf. He explained how I am malnourished and that we should do a scope.

Jeff did not understand that weight loss was apart of my cf, and didnt understand that it could make me sicker. Right now I have a lung infection so it could make them worse and more frequent if I dont get my weight up.

Some time later, my pulmonary doctor called my mom. Im going to be admitted early next week for a lung infection and testing/weight loss. I am going to do iv antibiotics and get a scope done.

Anyways, stay tuned for more updates, have a great day,


Health and Updates

So my lung infections still going strong. I has been on prednisone for inflammation for my trapped air, but that didn’t do anything so they put me on another antibiotic for a lung infection. I’ve been on it for around 2 weeks, no changes except side effects. My moms going to call my hospital tomorrow because I’m starting to cough up stuff in the back of my throat and I don’t feel any better, just worst.

I have a sleep study on the 1st to get adjusted to a bipap machine or whatever it’s called. I’m stressed for it because it’s something else I have to sleep with on, I’m already hooked up to feeds at night, and when I’m admitted I’ll have to bring it and also be hooked up to ivs, sometimes fluids, feeds, and the machine. Plus my bedside table is already a pharmacy 😂 so I’m struggling to figure out where I’m going to put the machine.

Thats all for now,