Criminal Minds and Hospital Rhymes

I’m just chilling in bed, not my bed, but the common hospital mattress i’ve grown to loathe. Admitted friday, three days in, and I am already bored. My sister and I are, like usual, watching netflix, recently starting Criminal Minds on Netflix. Since Friday, I started cefepime and tobramycin, unable to get a picc untilContinue reading “Criminal Minds and Hospital Rhymes”

Hospital Days #15

Its been a bit. Since I switched over to the cefepime and toby, i’ve felt a little better. The past couple days the doctors were thinking I would be able to go home but my antibiotic levels for tobramycin were high so it was delayed a couple of days. The normal levels are around 5-10,Continue reading “Hospital Days #15”

Hospital Days #8

Lots been going on. So i’m not feeling better and my pfts went down. They decided to change my antibiotics after talking to my main pulmonologist so now i’m on toby and cefepime. My sister was able to get discharged today which is good since her pfts were up and she was feeling better. LatelyContinue reading “Hospital Days #8”

Hospital Days #4

If you can’t tell, i’m not planning on uploading these posts daily. It can get repetitive very quickly so as not to bore you, I won’t be doing that. It’s my fourth day in the hospital(I think). My picc procedure went well and it’s nice not having an iv in my arm anymore. I amContinue reading “Hospital Days #4”

Hospital Days #1

I went to my hospital around two today, just to get pfts. My doctor wasn’t on call so my mom spoke to the attending instead and made the decision to do the pulmonary test. Just in preparation, I packed a small bag and essentials just in case I was admitted. My pfts were around theContinue reading “Hospital Days #1”

Clinic 1/10/20

I got here at around 9:30ish. I was going to have an equipment check, which happens once a year. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I bring my vest and such, make sure the settings are good and I’m using it right. My mom is sick so she canceled it since the appointment was setContinue reading “Clinic 1/10/20”

Getting Discharged!

Today I’m getting discharged. I had my last antibiotic at 10 and now I’m waiting to get my picc put. I got my flu vaccine earlier and I’m almost done packing. I started The Blood of Olympus, the last book of the Hero’s of Olympus. I’m already halfway through it and it’s amazing! Hoping toContinue reading “Getting Discharged!”