Quick Sketch

My Art Fails

I’m not a professional, obviously, but even professionals have art fails. I try not to be discouraged by some artworks that I may or may not finish because I don’t like what I see. So here are some of my(many) digital art fails as I learn what the heck i’m doing.

In this frist one, I try my hand at drawing a child. I usually draw unspecific age groups so focusing on one was a first but I was excited to try it. After many first sketches, I came out with this:

Not to bad, I was planning on refining the sketch and fixing the dress but it looks like a kid. Now, with digital art, I love sketches, but when it comes to everything after that things seem to go downhill:

Now, it retrospect, it could be worse, but I lost a lot of that detail and it sort of looks creepy.

For this i’m not even going to crop it because zooming would make it worse. You can see the evident lack of line art but as you look closer, things like the eyes and nose loose their shapes. There are some flat colors down for the hair and for the face I started shading but its rough.

It is definitely hard to switch from traditional to digital, and looking back at some of my other posts there are definite changes in style and quality, but I am happy with my progress so far and hope to take this quarantine to learn some more with both art forms.

Rember, art isn’t always going to look great, but that just shows how you progress and grow.

Hope you enjoyed this post!