Definition:At #66

Going back to traditional art after mainly doing digital and wishing you could make selections, crop, etc.

Definition Art #65

I’ve started bookbinding and discovered a common problem:

art block.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy bookbinding, and while my block is limited to drawing and such, I find that the physical crafting like making a book often gets me stuck.


definition art #64

When it’s a nice day out and you just want to draw.

me:*goes outside, arms full of art supplies*

me:*even lays down a blanket*

the grass:*poke poke poke*

wind:*blows all my things away*

me:*sighs heavily*

me:so much for nature

definition art #62

Personally I draw people a lot. Sketches from prompts and what not so I find myself in many predicaments where when people ask what I like to draw I respond like:

person:you like to draw? like what?

me:*sweating nervously*


person:cool, like who?

me:*thinking about how when you dream the faces you see are people you’ve seen out and about because your mind cannot come up with faces*

me:just, whatever comes to mind

me:*thinking:that sounds creepy, doesn’t it?*

definition art #60

Recently I started book binding. There has been multiple incidents regarding glue, including but not limited to-

me: glues leather

my hands: *get glue on them*

me: oh ill just wash them

me: attempts to get glue off, doesnt work

me: what the-*looks at glue bottle*

glue: water resistant

me: okay then