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I n k t o b e r Day 03// flipped

Good Digital Art programs

Ive tried many, many art programs. Its how I found some good ones. So here are some.
I have tried animation, its not for me, but I have some good programs for it.

Adobe Animate


This is not good for people who are interested win Photoshop or illustration. This is for animation. I tried this and it is very good for people interested in animation and have very good patience. It is good to learn about, especially learn about the different kind of frames and how to adjust the timeline. It is sort of complicated so YouTube tutorials will be your best friend. If you want a free program this is not for you. You have to have a subscription of $20 a month.

Fire Alpaca


This is definitely an easier program. It is free and you can do a little animation. You can make gifs and short animation. It is definitely easier to use than adobe and is good for illustration.I used this and its good to learn because the way it is set up can be very similar to other programs.



I am using this right now. It is probably the best free program. You can use it for Photoshop and illustration. You can not animate on it though. Its control and set up is similar to fire alpaca. There is a lot of different options in the program and different brushes. Im pretty sure you can also download different brushes.

Thats all for now,