Coughing+Nausea=Horrible Mornings

So yesterday my sister and I cleaned nebulizers so I was able to do those today. I’m in the midst of a coughing fits and I can feel mucus and crap and my coughs are sort of wet which is always fun.

My dog(mya) is being a good girl and keeps coming up to me when I’m coughing, which I find adorable.

So I’ve had nausea for a while now, so coughing fits are fun. Let me just say nausea and coughing does not go well together. I feel like I’m going to puke, which is fun. So I’m trying to not cough which makes me cough more and it’s just a viscous cycle.

Anyways I’m going to go do school so,

That’s all for now,



Around a year ago is when it started. I was put on kaleydeco, which gave me a bunch of side effects including nausea. I was taken off and put back on it a couple of times, but to no success did it bring any positives. We thought that it would make my nausea go away, which it didn’t.

The next thing we tried was Prilosec.Im still on it and for those of you who don’t know Prilosec is for acid reflux. To no avail, it didn’t do anything except take away my reflux.

I now take something called ginger root. I don’t exactly know what it’s for, but it helps. I take it twice a day and it helps lessen the nausea.

Recently my nauseas come back in full swing. It started a day or so before I got back from before Paris, but it really hit me on the plane. I thought I was dehydrated, but I wasn’t. I blamed it on the altitude change until I realized that wasn’t the case. It really affects me a little bit after I eat, but it can also be spiratic. My nausea usually doesn’t come to this, but it makes me feel as though I’m going to throw up even though I know I won’t. On the plane my mouth started watering.

I think the cause is a lung infection. Recently I’ve been having my symptoms for one and my nausea usually increases with infections. So that’s always fun.

That’s all for now,