I n k t o b e r Day 07//marked

Mandala Process #2

So, I reprised the design in a way. Went back to the drawing board and focused on better shapes that blend or work well together.

I copied my sketch to plan out color scheme and such. Usually, when it comes to coloring, I mess up and or don’t end up liking it.

So far, this is my sketch. I cut out the paper from a roll so it keeps warping. I put a heavy book on top in hopes of flattening it by tomorrow.


I’ve always liked to draw astronauts and anything involving space. Moons are fun and challenging while astronauts are very detailed. I’m trying to work on my anatomy and getting used to drawing figures. This was a good way to test that and with the suit on, it gave leeway from things like hands and feet that I prefer not to draw.


Hospital Day #7

So a lots been going on the last day or so. Yesterday I had thrown up around 6 times. Dry heaving, that fun stuff. I basil you slept all day yesterday. My heart rate was steady around 125 and my temperature is 100.9.

I’m still losing weight and so I feel weak. I did do tube feeds, but used a boost breeze instead of my peptamen. I threw up this morning and continued to dry heave afterward. I got an ultrasound and nothing showed up. I also got tested for celiac and ibs, both negative.

My blood sugar got tested and was normal also. There testing me for c dif and May do a gastric emptying test, which I’m hoping they do. It tests for Gastroparesis.

I’ve been hooked up to I’ve fluids since I haven’t been taking anything in.

I’m planning on doing a marvel movie marathon. Yay.

I don’t really have anything else to say. Thanks for all the support.

That’s all for now,