Health and Updates

So my lung infections still going strong. I has been on prednisone for inflammation for my trapped air, but that didn’t do anything so they put me on another antibiotic for a lung infection. I’ve been on it for around 2 weeks, no changes except side effects. My moms going to call my hospital tomorrow because I’m starting to cough up stuff in the back of my throat and I don’t feel any better, just worst.

I have a sleep study on the 1st to get adjusted to a bipap machine or whatever it’s called. I’m stressed for it because it’s something else I have to sleep with on, I’m already hooked up to feeds at night, and when I’m admitted I’ll have to bring it and also be hooked up to ivs, sometimes fluids, feeds, and the machine. Plus my bedside table is already a pharmacy 😂 so I’m struggling to figure out where I’m going to put the machine.

Thats all for now,