Sleep Study and Splendid Updates

If you didn’t know I’ve had a sleep study done before. Just one though. They found out I breathe shallow when I sleep so it causes a build up of carbon monoxide. Today, or tonight I should say, is when I go back and get adjusted for a bipap machine. This will push room air into my nose when I breathe in, unlike a cpap which has a continuous air flow. Right now I’m driving to my hospital.


So while I’m waiting here’s an update. I had a check up with my cf doctor on Tuesday. I did a pft, the numbers were the same at around 68,70. She put me on two other antibiotics and took me off the one I was on before. I have clinic on the 9th, so that gives me 10 days to see if it helps or not. If it doesn’t, ill end up being admitted. She had me do a clean out, which to put it nicely, I take laxatives and have a continued feed of go lightly through my gtube. Good thing I got a gtube.


So I’m set up. They are going to come back and set me up with a mask. I can choose which one is most comfortable. I didn’t think I was going to be hooked up to all of the wires this time, but sadly I was wrong.


So it’s now the next day. I slept bad and I decided on the nose and mouth mask. It’s uncomfortable, but I’ll get used to it. They got me unhooked from all the wires and I left around 6:30am, but I had been awake for a couple hours before that.

I didn’t take a picture of the mask there.

This is what it looks like. I had tried on one that was just around the nose, but it felt like I couldn’t breathe in so I decided to pick this.

That’s all for now,