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My Homeschool Experience so Far

Homeschooling is definitely a great alternative. People do it for many reasons, but it definitely has helped me. With cf I can feel sick on a daily basis and I’m in and out of the hospital every couple months. With homeschooling, I don’t physically have to go to school so I have more time for treatments, relaxing,or even taking a nap. I also have an excessive amount of doctors appointments so it’s good to not have to make up that work or be marked absent.

It’s also great because you can go at your own pace. Yes there is a certain pace you have to go at so you don’t get off pace, but for me I prefer to be ahead of pace so I don’t have to do all of my classes in one day.

There are discussions, unit activities, tutorials, mastery tests, posts test, and pre tests for each class.

Discussions are basically where you answer an in depth question, which is good for count day. You have to submit it for score.

Unit activities are what it sounds like, questions you answer based on the subject your learning. You have to submit it for scoring to your teacher.

Tutorials are long slideshows about a subject or topic that have a couple questions throughout.

Mastery tests are 5 question quizzes you take after each tutorial. You can redo these.

Post tests are tests you take after your done with a unit.

Lastly pre tests are tests about a unit, before you start it.

Before doing online school definitely research. It took my sister and I awhile to find a school we liked. You have to make sure homeschooling is right for you and if the school is a good choice. Everyone’s experience with homeschooling can be different.

For example I do online school, this might be different for someone else. Some people go to different houses for different subjects, others are taught by a parent. It all depends.

That’s all for now,